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The conference will cover all broad disciplines of the Chemical Sciences/Material Sciences. The major thrust areas that will be covered in four sessions are the following:

Basic Chemistry

  • Polymer/ceramics

  • Coordination chemistry

  • Synthetic organic chemistry

  • Solid state chemistry

  • Organometallic chemistry

  • Ionic liquids

  • Novel materials

  • Functional materials

  • Catalysis/ photo-catalysis

  • Natural product

Nano and Alternate Energy

  • Nano materials and graphene

  • New energy materials

  • Applications of nanotechnology in health care

  • Nanomedicine in drug delivery systems

Biological Systems

  • Drug design

  • Carbohydrate chemistry

  • Biomaterials and related medical devices

  • Chemical Biology & Biochemistry


  • Environment

  • Environmental chemistry

  • Green chemistry

  • Wastewater treatment

Coumputational Chemistry

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